All stories are therefore stories about different kinds of losses. They are about characters who, through some kind of conflict, suffer a specific loss of meaning, and are faced with the task of having to survive it.


| "Bucolic Still Life" | flash non-fiction

Catskill Made, December 2015

| "Unsignificantly, Off the Coast" | non-fiction

The Rain Party and Disaster Society, October 2014

"Stories Like These" | poetry

The Rain Party and Disaster Society, August 2014

|"Shatter/Hollow" | flash non-fiction

The Rain Party and Disaster Society, January 2013

"Mourning Ritual" | poetry

The Rain Party and Disaster Society, December 2013

At a bar, a boy spied me through his kind eyes, barely blue and waning: needing. I let him look at me through them up close; let him fall in love with me from the bar stool next to mine on the other side of the space I’ve tried so hard to sustain between bodies.
— "Shatter/Hollow"


The impartation of the body through our ancestors complicates the direction of the relationship between the body and language. It does so by acknowledging that it’s not just one’s own body that mediates subjectivity, but the bodies of others, many others, the whole lot of our ancestral lineage. By addressing the esoteric as real, this notion of illness makes the ethereal space between waking and sleep, past and present, seen and unseen, part of the question.
— "Cutting Up a New Conversation"

| Beds, Bodies, and Other Books of Common Prayer: A Reading of the Photography of Nan Goldin

The Fenris Wolf  Issue 09

| Cutting Up a New Conversation: Psychoanalysis, Art, and the Occult, Symposium Review

Meta-Psychosis, September 2016


This boundary between self and other indicates another boundary, between the somatic and the psychic—between the body and its meaning. All of these boundaries are at odds with one another, but they also structure, in their impossible relationship, a possibility.
— "A Reading of the Photography of Nan Goldin"

| The Fenris Wolf  |Book Release Party and Symposium | Presenter

New York, NY, May 6, 2017

| Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: Narcissism, Mourning & Sexuality | Psychoanalysis, Art and the Occult Lecture Series | Presenter

The Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn, NY, May 27, 2016

|  Das Unbehagen Conference | "Psychoanalysis, Art, and the Occult" | Moderator

The Candid Arts Trust, London, England, May 6-8,  2016

| Das Unbehagen Conference | "Violence & its Blisscontents" | Moderator, Undergraduate Student Panel "Violence &..."

Fordham University, New York, NY, May 2015

| Freud Out Loud! | A public, dramatized reading of Civilization & its Discontents.  Readers included, philosopher Simon Critchley, writers Nick Flynn and Michael Cunningham, Rabbi Andy Bachman, and other voices of discontent.

Judson Memorial Church,  New York, January 2014

| Das Unbehagen International Conference |"Psychoanalysis on Ice" | Paper Presentation

 Reykjavík, Iceland, October 2014